• Are You Comfortable With Moving To A New Climate?

    climate parts of the world

    Climate is a major factor that should be considered when moving from one region to another. Also, you will need to hire professional removalists such as Andy – man with a van to make your moving process a breeze. Take climate into account because you might end up spending extra cash to settle heating and cooling bills, water bills and general supplies to keep yourself cool or warm. Think about the following:

    Budget For Gear
    If you are moving to areas with extreme climate, set aside some extra cash to acquire the necessary gears and equipments.

    Be Ready For Surprises
    Expect the unexpected regardless of whether you know what you are getting into.

    Adjust Your Time Frame
    Remain versatile with how you set up your day. If you are the kind of person who jogs or walk pets in the evening, you might want to switch this to the morning hours instead if the climate favors this.

    Talk To Your New Boss Or Co-workers
    Interact with the locals so that they can they can help you adjust easily to a new environment. However, do not suss out for so long that the locals start sympathizing with you.

    Talk To Your Realtor
    Your realtor should be able to help you navigate to your new area. He should be able to answer all real estate questions. Such include if the building is susceptible to floods, If the building needs a new air circulation, If the pipes freeze in certain months if not checked carefully, and many more.

    Focus On The positive
    Moving to a new climate may give you a chill. However, focusing on the positive aspect will will serve to reduce your worries.

  • World Leader Pretend “Punches”

    For all of those music lovers and insiders who believe they were the first to arrive at the indie music scene feeling slightly (and uncomfortably) too mainstream right now, hold tight. New, different, and exciting modern rock music is still out there for you to discover. It may not be as quirky and simultaneously depressing as you’d like, but it’s new.

    The New Orleans-based World Leader Pretend are one of these bands. With their major label debut, Punches, the band shows listeners how they seamlessly incorporate some non-traditional instruments (e.g. glockenspiel, tin cans, and sleigh bells) with both heavy and lyrical guitars. All while conveying sadness, elation, and anger without having to cry through lyrics.

    The band employ a bit more straightforward rock in many of their songs by way of less layering and more lyrical phrasing than some of their contemporaries. The opener, “Bang Theory,” for example, uses strong upbeats with piano, bass drum, guitar, driving vocal lines, and an uncomplicated melodic pattern that repeats often without becoming boring. This song has a fierce electricity to it that gets you pumped for the rest of the album.

    By contrast, the title track shows the band’s experimental nature. The song is brilliant and has one of the most interesting intros I’ve ever heard. It begins with jingle bells, piano, and good old finger snapping, followed by big-band style piano and cymbal, the fluttery soundings of a harpsichord, and – just before the vocals – a cough! The rest of the song is heavy with guitars and strong vocals, occasionally paired with soft piano. Again, simple and repetitious melodic lines, but it’s not obviously redundant to the listener with so much else going on.

    “Tit For Tat” makes use of the ever-popular glockenspiel, as World Leader Pretend make its use pure signature: especially how it’s paired with the lyrics. Again, the jingle bells are back (somebody likes Christmas!), but this time in a samba feel that is just delightful in a tight rhythm.

    Now, “B.A.D.A.B.O.O.M” is a shocker. It completely ruins any commonality I am trying to conjure between tracks on this album. World Leader Pretend go The Streets on us here with some beat-narrative over guitars, talking about the universe and monsters and all that good stuff. The last 30 seconds or so incorporate both singing with speaking, getting faster and faster, that ends abruptly and makes you wonder what just happened and if it could please happen again.

    The closer, “Catch,” is a remarkably poignant piece in mono with whispery vocals and a lone guitar line. “I’ve been waiting for so long / I’ve been here, I’ve been here, I’ve been here.” This song is so different from the opener, it makes you recall the expanse of the band’s skill and promise for a new wave in modern music.

  • Madness “The Dangermen Sessions Volume One”

    Wait a minute… Madness? Didn’t these guys break up years and years ago? Oh yeah, there was that one-off in ’99, but still, it’s been almost seven years. Talk about a strange mixture of nostalgia and trepidation as I popped in this disc of covers into the player: I haven’t thought about ska for a long time (nevermind that Mustardplug review I did not so long ago)… and for good reason. A lot of it is a complete waste of time with hundreds of bands employing the same old bag of tricks and replaying the same goddamn song.

    At its worst – and trust me there was a lot of it – ska was a repetitive bore of a musical genre that amounted to a bunch of cracka-ass crackas trying to be hip and Jamaican while complaining about their suburban upbringing and singing about equality while never having actually seen a Black man. However, at its best it was an infectious dance-oriented music that espoused tolerance and introduced a lot of people to the soothing and upbeat rhythms of the Caribbean. Like Red Stripe, it’s been teaching White people to dance for years (albeit badly). And after the great culling of 1999 when I tossed out a good 95% of my crap CDs, one of the ska bands to remain were Madness who have always remained one step beyond the competition (har har, see what I did there?).

    So, yes, The Dangermen Sessions Volume One is a covers album and it really, really rocks. Much like their own music, the songs chosen are filled with witty humor, insight, and a groove that flows like the ocean on a calm beach. The boys remain in top form as they lazily trot through classics such as Bob Marley’s “So Much Trouble” and the single, Lord Tanamo’s “Shame and Scandal.” Throughout the entirety of the album, I couldn’t help but nod my head in time to the off-beat and lull my angry metal ways.

    As always, Madness stay within the confines of the genre while keeping it fresh, honest, and full of appeal. The Dangermen Sessions Volume One is, for me at least, a welcome departure from double kick-drums and million-note solos: for someone who basically lives on metal, this is a huge endorsement. My nostalgia bone has been tickled checkered and my trepidation was unfounded. Damn you Madness! Now I’ve gotta go digging for those Skatalite albums!

  • Welcome To The Rum Diary

    Ever wondered why you ought to use collecting or organizing software to help keep track of one’s movie, books and music selections? After all, isn’t it sufficient to simply preserve paper records of every little thing you’ve got? Why hassle dealing with the trouble?
    If you are a music lover or professional music collector, then you will probably want a good collection organizing software and will not mind spending some money on this. While a variety of free programs are also available, the difference is in the functionality and added features. This is mainly because you have obviously spent a lot of time collecting and putting together your list of titles and know the amount of work that has gone into it.

    In August (or maybe a little later) Springman Records will be releasing a split 7″ of us and our good GOOD friends, Desert City Soundtrack. This is a release both bands have wanted to do for a very long time. More details coming soon. In September “translation. music. 3.” will be in-stores everywhere. The compilation is released on Substandard Records and features exclusive tracks from 18 West Coast bands including: Xiu Xiu, The Dropscience, FIVER, Ee, The Robot Ate Me, desert city soundtrack, The Intima, us, and many, many more…

    Our tour journal from our May tour is posted hear. Read it and weep.

    Last, but not least, enjoy another photo journey courtesy of our friend Lars. Thanks Lars! Click here to view.

    Lots of great news on some new releases coming soon…

    What good is a Tuesday night if you have nothing to do? Here’s what’s new: We spent all day Saturday back in the studio, the Grizzly Studio, with our dear comrade, Roger Tschann. The day yielded much success and our new songs have been mixed. We would like to thank Roger for putting up with us. He’s got more patience than Axl Rose. Our next steps are to figure out which songs will comprise the next album, tentatively titled, “Greatest Heets” and get it out to you as soon as humanly possible. See you this Saturday at The Tendorloft!

    After a few waterfalls, dance clubs, and ping-pong tournaments, we have returned from tour safely. we would like to thank the following people who helped us in one way or another:
    luc and john from john wayne crucifix, corey and matt of desert city, michaela and sara in seattle, eric from vermillion, bennet in idaho, terri and frank, dusty from turbo 400, mimi, kevin matthews, kelli and merci, adam from timonium, vera, ashley, rebecca, and of course all of the silly bastards in the dropscience.
    we would not, however, like to thank gabe from continental who vandalized our van in a jealous rage…..earhhardt’s revenge?
    We are going into the studio to mix our new cd on the 24th. We also have many upcoming shows this month.

    Still working on the new recordings. Loft construction begins on the van this weekend as we prepare for tour.

    This weekend we are moving into Grizzly Studio to record our next album. This is very exciting! It’s the first time in the history of our band that we are going into a studio to record an entire album with the intent that it will be released. When? By who? Let’s take this one step at a time. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to list what we are all currently listening to as we enter the studio.

    Do you play guitar? Have you ever tried to tune with a tuner for 10 frustrating minutes only to find out that the chord wasn’t plugged in? Well, this is what Daniel did in front of hundreds of people at Noise Pop! Not to worry though, the show went great after that. The drunken heathens of Continental were there to heckle us and there were many a free Red Hook Ale. Starflyer 59 played after, and One Line drawing closed the show, but not before playing a bad ass version of the Jawbox song, “Savory.” At the end of the month, we go to Grizzly Studios to record 10 new songs with the infamous Roger Tschann. He rarely combs his hair and wears pink frothy robes. This man can’t be distracted with worries of fashion when submerged in the technical world of engineering. Wish us luck!

    You have heard the expression, “being in a band is like having 3 girlfriends.” Well, this is painfully obvious when Valentine’s Day rolls around. We are all very busy, running around, finding that perfect something for each other; a nice red turtle neck for Joe, heart-shaped chocolates for Schuyler. On Friday we will be together, taking it easy; champaign, strawberries, and all eight Police Academy movies, including “Citizens on Patrol,” featuring the Bones Brigade.