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Welcome to The rum diary

Ever wondered why you ought to use collecting or organizing software to help keep track of one's movie, books and music selections? After all, isnít it sufficient to simply preserve paper records of every little thing you've got? Why hassle dealing with the trouble?
If you are a music lover or professional music collector, then you will probably want a good collection organizing software and will not mind spending some money on this. While a variety of free programs are also available, the difference is in the functionality and added features. This is mainly because you have obviously spent a lot of time collecting and putting together your list of titles and know the amount of work that has gone into it.


In August (or maybe a little later) Springman Records will be releasing a split 7" of us and our good GOOD friends, Desert City Soundtrack. This is a release both bands have wanted to do for a very long time. More details coming soon. In September "translation. music. 3." will be in-stores everywhere. The compilation is released on Substandard Records and features exclusive tracks from 18 West Coast bands including: Xiu Xiu, The Dropscience, FIVER, Ee, The Robot Ate Me, desert city soundtrack, The Intima, us, and many, many more...

Our tour journal from our May tour is posted hear. Read it and weep.

Last, but not least, enjoy another photo journey courtesy of our friend Lars. Thanks Lars! Click here to view.

Lots of great news on some new releases coming soon...

What good is a Tuesday night if you have nothing to do? Here's what's new: We spent all day Saturday back in the studio, the Grizzly Studio, with our dear comrade, Roger Tschann. The day yielded much success and our new songs have been mixed. We would like to thank Roger for putting up with us. He's got more patience than Axl Rose. Our next steps are to figure out which songs will comprise the next album, tentatively titled, "Greatest Heets" and get it out to you as soon as humanly possible. See you this Saturday at The Tendorloft!

After a few waterfalls, dance clubs, and ping-pong tournaments, we have returned from tour safely. we would like to thank the following people who helped us in one way or another:
luc and john from john wayne crucifix, corey and matt of desert city, michaela and sara in seattle, eric from vermillion, bennet in idaho, terri and frank, dusty from turbo 400, mimi, kevin matthews, kelli and merci, adam from timonium, vera, ashley, rebecca, and of course all of the silly bastards in the dropscience.
we would not, however, like to thank gabe from continental who vandalized our van in a jealous rage.....earhhardt's revenge?
We are going into the studio to mix our new cd on the 24th. We also have many upcoming shows this month.

Still working on the new recordings. Loft construction begins on the van this weekend as we prepare for tour.

This weekend we are moving into Grizzly Studio to record our next album. This is very exciting! It's the first time in the history of our band that we are going into a studio to record an entire album with the intent that it will be released. When? By who? Let's take this one step at a time. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to list what we are all currently listening to as we enter the studio.



Do you play guitar? Have you ever tried to tune with a tuner for 10 frustrating minutes only to find out that the chord wasn't plugged in? Well, this is what Daniel did in front of hundreds of people at Noise Pop! Not to worry though, the show went great after that. The drunken heathens of Continental were there to heckle us and there were many a free Red Hook Ale. Starflyer 59 played after, and One Line drawing closed the show, but not before playing a bad ass version of the Jawbox song, "Savory." At the end of the month, we go to Grizzly Studios to record 10 new songs with the infamous Roger Tschann. He rarely combs his hair and wears pink frothy robes. This man can't be distracted with worries of fashion when submerged in the technical world of engineering. Wish us luck!

You have heard the expression, "being in a band is like having 3 girlfriends." Well, this is painfully obvious when Valentine's Day rolls around. We are all very busy, running around, finding that perfect something for each other; a nice red turtle neck for Joe, heart-shaped chocolates for Schuyler. On Friday we will be together, taking it easy; champaign, strawberries, and all eight Police Academy movies, including "Citizens on Patrol," featuring the Bones Brigade.